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At Petrol Communcations we make a promise to our customers:
  • Easy to use, reliable service.
  • Exciting rates where ever you are.
  • Excellent customer service
The products and services on PCL network offer customers a vast array of new communications capabilities. We are constantly adding new innovative products and services to better serve our clients.
Hosted IP telephony
Modern telecommunications solutions are based upon IP (Internet Protocol) technology. The way companies do business today has changed thanks to the IP technology; which helps save time, operate much more effectively and efficiently.
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Calling cards
Phone to phone services in which a customer dials an access number first, he or she is asked about PIN (or authenticated by callerID/ANI) and then prompted for a destination phone number.
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Hosted call shop solution
CallShops is a place like internet café or a shop where are cabins/booths with IP phones from which customers can make calls and pay for them at a cash desk. The callshop is a windows based application.

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International number translation services
Number Translation Services provide businesses with a wide range of UK local numbers. We provide international customers, who wish to have UK presence with a UK local number. Any inbound calls to this local number can be terminated to any international destination desired by the customer. This feature would help our customer to exhibit their local presence in UK or any country of preference.
Dial through
We also provide local number with Dial through facilities. This a special service focussed on mobile users, who wish to dial international destination without the expensive international mobile call charge. The mobile users can use their inclusive minutes to dial a local number, which in turn dials an international destination.
Call Back
Upon sign up for the Call back service with PCL, customers receive a unique UK access number. To place an international call, the customer first dials the UK access number and hangs up at first ring. In a few seconds, our switching centre calls the customer's phone and prompts them to dial the required number.
PC to phone and PC to PC
Using our own sip based softphone with embedded voip tunnel client which allows for communication (both receiving and making calls) from behind voip blockades/firewalls, for example from UAE or other countries where voip ports are closed.
Device to phone
I.e. making and receiving calls from SIP or h323 terminals (bidirectional NAT support), full compatibility with all popular brands of soho gateways and IP phones, support for 5 class services, voicemail, waiting message indicator feature, actual balance information on phone's display and more.
Wholesale & Retail voice termination
We are a wholesale based IP communications company dedicated to developing and delivering a complete line of VoIP products and services. By leveraging our PSTN and IP network, we ensure call clarity, reliability and affordable services.

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